Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All. / by Michael Ryan

Here is a quick video from my iPhone shot travelling on the way to my client’s factory.

 A client, Hogan, invited me down to Hong Kong and Heyuan for a shoot in their offices and factory. I didn’t have time to look up Heyuan which is typical on such trips. I often only find out after I have returned what the region if famous for. Years ago I shot regularly in Chengdu and a friend remarked that I must have seen lots of Pandas. Of course the only pandas I had seen were the one’s on the advertising in the airport, which made perfect sense as it’s the home of the Panda. But I had never had time to think about it never mind actually take a trip to see some pandas. However after 15 years in China I thought I had seen it all until we were driving down the highway towards the factory. Take a quick look at this atypcial road side scene... of course if you already know what Heyaun is famous for you may not be as surprised as I was.

 Here is a link to a short video that will tell you more about Heyuan itself.