About Me

I'm a full time resident of Shanghai since 2005 where I live with my wife and two wonderful daughters. These years of experience have given me a thorough understanding of Chinese culture and people – enabling me to foresee any potential problems and work closely and smoothly with anyone whether site projects managers,CEOs or factory floor machinists.

I like to bring creativity and artistry to my work while still answering the client's specific brief and understanding their brand values. A previous career in advertising enables me to appreciate both the creative and practical implementations. Professional photography is about knowing how to take a great picture under any circumstances by being prepared.

Creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere is especially important when shooting with real people, especially Chinese people who have less exposure to professional photographers and are generally uncomfortable in front of the lens.

As a permanent resident I’ve learned a lot working closely with Chinese companies and their staff over the years and this allows me to deliver the results you expect.

I've been a member of the Royal Photographic Society in the UK since 2007 and had my photos have been featured on the cover of international magazines and novels. I’ve won awards from competitions curated by famous photographer judges and given talks about my work to organizations here and abroad.

I continuously invest in equipment and training to deliver the best images possible for clients. I use high resolution full frame cameras and the high quality professional glass from makers such as Zeiss and a DJI drone for both photos and video.

Me and my two daughters, Ling Li and Pandora, in the studio.

Me and my two daughters, Ling Li and Pandora, in the studio.