Egg coffee

How to shoot on vacation in Bad Weather

How to shoot on vacation in Bad Weather

It was 24ºc so we booked the tickets and when the time came we threw our summer clothes into the suitcase and... Holy Crap! A quick check of the wether before we departed and the temperature had dropped to 12ºc! We were booked to go during a rare and short lived winter spell in Hanoi. I mean that literally, a week after we got back the temperature had returned to 24ºc. So we threw the swimming costumes out of the suitcase and packed sweaters instead. It was a bit depressing but we were going to have a good time anyway. 

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Egg Coffee

I’m just back from a tip to Hanoi, Vietnam and I drank more egg coffee than is good for me, or even several mes. The traditional coffee of Hanoi is a delicious blend of a strong sweetened coffee with whisked egg yolk and condensed milk on top. 


If you dont want to fly to Hanoi just to try egg coffee then you can look for a nearby Vietnamese restaurant or make it your self at home. Just click here for the simple recipe.