Mobile phone photography

Dali, the street food capital of the world. by Michael Ryan

There is a strong theme of flowers as flavours amongst plenty of familliar offerings like pancakes, tofu and chuar (Chinese kebabs) but it can all be eaten without having to stop the holiday and sit down for too long. I was definitely a bit iffy about the idea of eating flower petals but I was stunned by how delicions they taste. Our sense of taste is heavily influenced by our sense of taste and if you’ve never tired it they taste exactly like they smell. So keep an open mind and it’s definitely worth the visit for the food alone. And come in the winter, it rains all summer long and is warm and sunny in winter. 

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Improve your Phone Photography by Michael Ryan

Professional photographers love our phones as it means we are never without a camera. And in certain circumstances the phone may be the better choice. But of course we take the same precautions as we do with our ‘real’ camera when shooting. Here are a few guides (and they are guides not rules, there are no rules) that we follow that will help improve your phone photography. 

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Egg Coffee by Michael Ryan

I’m just back from a tip to Hanoi, Vietnam and I drank more egg coffee than is good for me, or even several mes. The traditional coffee of Hanoi is a delicious blend of a strong sweetened coffee with whisked egg yolk and condensed milk on top. 


If you dont want to fly to Hanoi just to try egg coffee then you can look for a nearby Vietnamese restaurant or make it your self at home. Just click here for the simple recipe. 

En Vogue by Michael Ryan

One of the advantages of living in Shanghai is the great number of exhibitions, fine art and otherwise, that tour here. Amongst my favourites of the ‘otherwise’ variety so far have been the Tim Burton and Pixar shows. Louis Vuitton might not be an obvious choice when you think of exhibitions but they have an excellent array of historic travel paraphernalia on display at the moment.

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