Miss Rabbit’s Resume

A definitive list of all Miss Rabbit's jobs on Peppa Pig

OT - This is an off topic blog entry, nothing to do with photography but everything to do with having a 3 year old.

My three year old, like most, is obsessed with Peppa Pig. If you’re not familiar with the cartoon, it’s an animation show for toddlers with quite a helping of wit to make it enjoyable for adults to watch along side. One of the curious elements of the show is a key character named Miss Rabbit who seems to perform almost every job in Peppa Pig land.

If you want to go straight her resume it’s in an episode by episode, series by series list below. But here is the overview of her wide range of skills - although calling them skills is a bit of an overstatement as she frequently admits she doesn’t really know what she’s doing.

For example, when Peppa Pig and family are going on holidays the captain announces as they are coming in to land “we are now landing in Italy.” She exclaims “oooh, that sounds nice. As if she just heard about it. She is the air steward on the plane.

In another episode where she is giving Peppa Pig and her family a hot air balloon ride Daddy Pig says that they are excited as it is their first balloon ride. She responds that she is too as it is also her first flight.

Her list of jobs covers everything from face painting at a fete to running and operating shops and stalls in museums and parks. She is a dental nurse, a crane operator, a taxi, train and bus driver, a helicopter pilot and a scuba diver. She has had a total of 47 jobs* and has frequently had up to 3 different jobs in a single episode, for example, selling goods in the aquarium gift shop while still dripping wet from cleaning the tanks. Her most frequent jobs type is driver or shop assistant in every kind of shop, park or museum the cartoon has to offer.


Here is her full resume*

Season One

Episode 20 - The school Fete - Face Painter

Episode 23 - New Shoes - Shoe Sales Person

Episode 30 - The Museum - Ticket Sales Person/Cafe Sales Person

Episode 35 - Very Hot Day - Ice Cream Sales Person

Special  - Peppa’s Christmas - Christmas Tree Sales Person

6 Jobs


Season Two

Episode 04 - Polly’s Holiday - Ice Cream Seller

Episode 12 - Recycling - Crane Operator

Episode 15 - The Dentist - Dental Nurse

Episode 21 - School Bus Trip - School Bus Driver

Episode 37 - School Bus Trip - School Bus Driver

Episode 41 - Ice Skating - Ice Skate Attendant

Episode 44 - School Camp - School Bus Driver

5 jobs, appears 3 times as a school bus driver


Season Three

Episode 02 - The Rainbow - Ice Cream Seller on mountain top

Episode 04 - The Library - Librarian

Episode 06 - Camping Holiday - Ticket and souvenir seller

Episode 12 - Delphine Donkey - Train driver

Episode 13 - The Fire Engine - Fire Engine Driver/Fireman

Episode 15 - Teddy Playgroup - Supermarket Cashier

Episode 18 - The Train Ride - Train driver

Episode 21- A Trip to the Moon - ticket seller/photographer/gift shop cashier

Episode 23- Goldie the Fish - Bus Driver

Episode 24 - Funfair - game hawker

Episode 29 - Doctor Hamster’s Tortoise - Fireman

Episode 30 - Sun, Sea, Snow - Bus Driver/Ice Cream Seller

Episode 32 - Hospital - Bus Driver

Episode 34 - Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter - Helicopter Pilot

Episode 38 - Miss Rabbit’s Day Off - Homemaker

Episode 50 - The Biggest Muddy Puddle - Supermarket cashier

Episode 51 - Santa’s Grotto - Toy Train Driver

22 jobs


Season Four

Episode 01 - Potato City - Ticket seller

Episode 05 - Naughty Tortoise - Helicopter pilot

Episode 10 - Mummy Rabbit’s Bump - Nurse

Episode 18 - Lost Keys - Ticket Seller

Episode 20 - Grandpa Pig’s Train to the Rescue - Train Driver

Episode 27 - The Queen - Bus Driver

Episode 31 - The Aquarium - Ticket Seller/Scuba Diver/Gift Shop attendant

Episode 36 - Flying on Holidays - Check-in/air hostess

11 jobs


Season 05

Episode 02 - The Castle - Ticket seller/chef/ride operator

Episode 03 - Miss Rabbit’s Taxi - Supermarket Checkout/taxi driver

Episode 05 - Pumpkin Competition - Helicopter Pilot

6 jobs

*I have to admit that recently I have discovered there are a few more episodes in season five that I have not seen and cannot find so I don’t know what if Miss Rabbit has further jobs. If you know them please tell me and I will add them to the list. Thanks.

Miss Rabbit does a total of 47 jobs


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