Sleeping Beauty / by Michael Ryan

My eldest daughter, Ling Li, is back in Ireland to finish her education as she wants to go to acting school and it just wasn’t possible in China. She had her first day today and it went well and we’re both pleased her class is quite cosmopolitan, and half Indian, half Spanish and she says half English classmates (but I don't’ think the last one really counts). Although she has always been proud of being Irish Shanghai is still her home and she will be back here for holidays. Those that know us well will know what a difficult decision this was for both of us but I admire that she knows so well and feels strongly about what she wants to do and has the determination to do it and make difficult decisions. Not something I had at her age.


So for a farewell present we did one final shoot together (not for all time obviously – but for the moment). Sleeping Beauty is and always has been her favorite princess so we did a shoot themed around the idea of Sleeping Beauty, but of course in my style.