Carmin Burana part one: Training

Every now and then you get a shoot that is the chance of a lifetime. I was recently hired to photograph 160 high school students perform the opera Carmina Burana on stage. The organisation Harmony Shanghai brings together kids from different cultures, German, French, American and of course Chinese to name a few, living in Shanghai though the experience of training from rank beginners to performing a full one hour dance on stage in front of a large live audience accompanied but a full processional orchestra and choir.


I followed their journey from rank amateurs through their training from first steps to impressive performers capable of expressing themselves though the art of dance to their spectacular performance on stage. For part one I shot various training sessions throughout the two months in the run up to the performance.


I’d like to thank Dr. Peter Schaumann from Marquardt and others for thinking of me for the photographer. And all the others involve in the organisation and training who allowed me access to all the behind the scenes to shoot the choreographers at work and of course the student themselves who performed so admirably.


In part two I will post some of the fabulous costumes I shot for the brochure.